Korporativna odgovornost

In ArcelorMittal Prijedor Health and Safety (H&S) is our top priority.

Our vision for Health & Safety states that:

Safety is an integral part of our business excellence and shows our complete commitment to improve productivity and business performance through technical discipline and high motivation amongst our employees.
We strive to improve the safety in all operations and activities through our attitude to safety.

Our Health and Safety strategy includes:

Personnel H&S;
Operational H&S;
Training & Development in H&S;
General safety in housekeeping and organization;
Cleanliness of the work space;
Constant weekly meetings with employees;
Publicity and interactions in H&S issues;
Health care;
Audits and follow-up.

Our overarching goal for Health and Safety is to achieve zero accidents, zero incidents, zero defects through sustained prevention and improved operating systems.

We are also dedicated to put into place social dialogue processes between Management and employees representatives on prevention of H&S risks and protection of our employees.

In October 2008, ArcelorMittal Prijedor was awarded third place in the world, for achieving high standards of health and safety in the category of surface pit mining. The prize was awarded by the Audit house IRCA Global, which deals with audits and consultancy in the field of health and safety and quality control. This kind of success ArcelorMittal Prijedor achieved is a result of a strong commitment towards a set strategy on H&S in the Company, as well as the support from all of our employees.