Korporativna odgovornost

As of January 1st, 2009 ArcelorMittal Prijedor had a total of 703 employees. We consider them the Company’s most valuable asset which significantly contributes to both economic results and establishing a good reputation of the ArcelorMittal brand in the region. We have invested and are continuing to invest in the improvement of health and safety, education, and the creation of a positive atmosphere at the workplace.

ArcelorMittal Prijedor respects human rights codes and conducts its business in line with the ArcelorMittal Code of Business Conduct. The Company also acts in compliance with local, national and international workplace legislation .

In its Code of Business Conduct the Company is committed to, among other things, to:
- Provide a healthy work environment released of any kind of harassment or discrimination
- Ensure that each employee is treated with fairness and dignity
- Provide all employees with equal opportunities
- To differentiate employees only on bases of their talent and qualifications.