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Iron ore bed "Omarska“ is located in northeast part of Ljubija metal-genetic area in northwest Bosnia. It is consisted of two mutually separated Surface pits, SP "Jezero" and SP "Buvac" .

Right now production is realized from SP „Jezero“, and it is expected that it will last till the middle of 2009, when exploitation will be finished on this Surface pit.

SP „Buvac“ is presently in development phase and exploitation of this ore bed should start in the middle of 2009. Exploitable reserves in this pit are in quantity of 45 million tons, which will enable continuance in production for next 20-25 years.

Ore preparation technology is based on gravity –magnetic separation of limonite iron ore with average quality of 50,50% Fe,12,50% SiO2,12,00% H2O.

Within process of washing, crushing, multiple screening , classifying on spiral classifiers and hydro-cyclones , as well as treatment of fine fractions on high intensity electromagnetic separators received are two merchandise products:
- lump ore concentrate -APR, fraction size - 40+10 mm ,average quality 54,00% Fe, 7,50 % SiO2,7,00% H2O ;
- fine ore concentrate -BPR fraction size - 10+0 mm average quality 52,00% Fe, 11,00 % SiO2,12,00% H2O.

Mutual ratio Lumps: Fines = 45:55 with mass recovery of app. 80 % and Fe recovery of 83 %,in total quantity of app 1,5 million tones yearly.