Sustainable Development


samoodrzivi razvoj

Sustainable Development

ArcelorMittal Prijedor takes into account social, environmental and economical factors in all of the Company’s decisions. We are dedications to improving our operating environment. ArcelorMittal Prijedor has developed a set sustainable development goals which are part of our continuous development strategy.

Recognizing more importace of living environment, ArcelorMittal Prijedor identifies and directs its goals and activities of sustainable development, based on continuous development.

These goals are to:
- Implement management and operating practices that contribute to socio-economic;
- Actively communicate and cooperate with government bodies and local communities of interest to foster sustainable development practices;
- Maintain an approach based on industry best practice;

ArcelorMittal Prijedor’s commitment to sustainable development is based on five fundamental principles.

Health and Safety

ArcelorMittal Prijedor top priority is health and safety. A healthy and safe culture is being built and supported in line with Group Health and Safety standards and is continuously monitored in order to reduce accident levels to zero.


Financial stability is a base for development of the Company in all segments. Through specific products and the reduction of operating costs, the Company is not only ensuring future investments, but is also contributing to the economic and social development of the communities where it operates.


The Company’s sustainable development goals are part of general frame for continuous development. ArcelorMittal Prijedor therefore uses performance indicators to monitor results, identify areas for improvement and formulate action plans to achieve – and even surpass – its goals.


ArcelorMittal Prijedor is committed to the socio-economic development of local communities as it continues to aid in its development through regular payment of taxes and financial contributions to the municipal and state budgets. The Company also contributes regularly to funding local initiatives that improve the quality of life for local citizens.


ArcelorMittal Prijedor conducts its business in a manner worthy of respect at all times and in all communities. The Company is therefore committed to demonstrating transparency, conducting its affairs in line with higher standards of governance, applying a strong code of ethics and taking a best practice approach in all its initiatives. It also gives stakeholders – individuals or groups that have an interest in its activities – the opportunity to express their views and make a positive contribution to the Company’s affairs, within a framework of mutual respect, dialogue and consideration.