O kompaniji

ArcelorMittal Prijedor is the iron ore mine in north-west of Bosnia that mainly supplies ArcelorMittal subsidiaries in Europe. It operates on two open-pits Jezero and Buvac. Jezero Pit will be exhausted by June 2009 and it is planned that full Buvac production starts in June 2009 and trials are planned from March 2009.

Main activity is iron ore production and auxiliary activities are production of stone aggregates, mechanical and electrical maintenance and transport services. It produces about 1.500.000 metric tons of iron ore concentrate annually and now employees 733 employees. ArcelorMittal Prijedor is a joint venture of two founders “ArcelorMittal” and RZR “Ljubija” a.d, whereas ArcelorMittal is major share holder with its share of 51%.