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Mechanical maintenance is providing following services for internal needs and external parties:

1. Overhaul of equipment and plant

-overhaul and middle level repairs of mobile mining equipment
-overhaul of stabile plants for ore treatment –redactors,
-mechanical assemblies and drive units
-building and overhaul of structural parts
-building of constructions based on technical documentation in workshop and on site
-treatment of openings on the site with special application mobile equipment

Within work applied are procedures of auto-genetic welding and cutting, welding and surfacing procedures : REL procedure, MAG procedure, TIG procedure.

This department is equipped with stabile presses for realization of 300 up to 1000 kN forces, mobile presses with special tools and pressing forces of 1500 kN , machines for flexing of metal sheets and smaller dimension profiles, machines for making of CAT hydraulic pipes and different specialized tools.

2. Mechanical and thermal treatment

Within this processes performed is finishing and making of spare parts in wide assortment and small series. We own universal lathes, milling machines, shaping machines, machines for processing of SUS engine parts with power of 250 kW, oscillatory saws, borverk in three forms( for larger and smaller assemblies), radial drilling machines (stabile and mobile) for work on the site.

Thermal processing section performs procedures of calcinations, improvement, tore-faying and cementation in coal dust. Mediums for cooling are water and oil baths.

3. Engines and gear-boxes

In this section performed is disassembling of SUS engines with power of 850 kW, mechanical-hydraulic gear –boxes and their components. Section is equipped with special tools for repair, assembly and disassembly of all type engine assemblies, present within ArcelorMittal Prijedor.

4. Tool shop

Here performed is keeping and repair of: tools, control and measuring tools, cutting tools, different types of special tools and mechanical-locksmith tools.

5. Construction bureau

In this section performed is making and archiving of technical documentation. Bureau's Archive has over 15 000 drawings of assembly and subassembly parts grouped per adopted nomenclatures.