Korporativna odgovornost

The Company’s prosperity depends not only on motivated employees but also on satisfied suppliers and customers. That is why good relationships with business partners are among the priorities of ArcelorMittal Prijedor. The improvement and development of these relationships is one of its long-term strategic goals.

Maximum reliability is also emphasized in customer relations. We are committed to ensure deliveries are executed in time and in full accordance with all contracts.

Supplier relationships are based on a frank, open and fair approach, built on integrity and mutual respect. Suppliers are chosen in consideration of objective criteria, based on quality, price, reliability, performance and the services rendered.

In its Code of Business Conduct ArcelorMittal is committed to:
- Always deliver only clear, concrete, pertinent and honest information to its partners;
- Avoid making any statements that could be misinterpreted;
- Refrain from offering gifts or granting favors outside the ordinary course of business to customers;
- Not make promises to customers which will be impossible to keep, regarding product quality and characteristics, delivery times and prices.