Kultura i umjetnost

ArcelorMittal Prijedor supports a local literary events, as well as the work of the Cultural Art Association „Vila“, SKUD „Dr. Mladen Stojanovic“, KUD „Omarska“ and many other local cultural associations.

Literary Event on Kozara Mountain

The „Literary event on Kozara“ is one of the most significant literary events in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event is held every year in September in city of Prijedor and Kozara Mountain, and this year the 36th event took place. Organized by the Prijedor municipality, the literary event gathered eminent writers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. ArcelorMittal Prijedor is proud to be the main sponsor of the literary prize „Skender Kulenovic“, which is presented during this event. The prize is awarded to promote cultural development in the local community. One of the most popular events, named „Poets’ afternoon“, is held in the open air and it regularly draws over 2,000 school children and citizens of Prijedor and its neighboring municipalities.